Black Boaters Summit

Black Boaters Summit

The 20th Annual Black Boaters Summit

Date: July 28 - August 4, 2017

Where: The British Virgin Islands

Call us NOW: (773) 924 1947

Where: The British Virgin Islands

Six nights aboard a luxury yacht, local captain, transfers, welcome gifts, meals on board your yacht, four hosted parties ashore and two nights at a five star resort.

Our goal is to introduce African Americans and their friends to sailing in the calm, beautiful waters of the British Virgin Islands. No experience necessary! Don't settle for a crowded cruise ship when you can relax on a private yacht and travel at your own pace, pampered all the way, for less! Join us for a fun, worry free vacation.


  • Thursday, July 27

    Arrive St. Thomas USVI no later than 3:30pm

    Look for our transportation manager in baggage claim holding a "Welcome BBS" sign. He will get you to the Tortola Ferry and your yacht.

    6 - 8 pm cocktails on Cap'n Paul's boats.


  • Friday, July 28

    7 am Sail to Virgin Gorda and "The Baths."

    Breakfast en route. Noon We have lunch on our yacht 1 pm Depart for Leverick Bay Resort. Happy Hour is 4 - 6. Pain killers are Cap'n Paul's favorite. 8 pm Moko Jumbie


  • Saturday, July 29

    7 am Set sail for Sandy Cay to snorkel. Breakfast in route.

    Depart Sandy Cay in time to arrive Cane Garden Bay by 2 pm. Cane Garden Bay has laundry service, a grocery store, e mail, and a great beach bar and restaurant named Myetts.


  • Sunday, July 30 7 am Sail to Norman Island The Bight.

    Snorkel The Caves. Mix and mingle.with the locals 8 pm The party is at The Willie T NO JUMPING!


  • Monday, July 31 Sail to Jost Van Dyke

    Anchor White Bay. Visit the home of the Pain Killer . Try a #3.

    Hike or take the dinghy over to Great Harbor and find Foxys. The party is here..


  • Tuesday, August 1

    Head for West End Tortola. It's time to stop and shop.

    Lot of cute shops. Be sure to bring your Welcome Magazine.

    Let's plan to overnight at Cooper Island to chill and plan for next year.


  • Wednesday, August 2 7 am depart for Scrub Island Resort.

    Relax on the beach. Enjoy two swim up pool bars. 8-6 pm Marvelle's no host White Party.

    Who is Black Boaters and Friends?

    Previously known as the Black Boaters Summit, we are a fun-loving group of people that love sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Check out our Who We Are page.

    What's included in your BVI trip?

    Imagine you and your friends or family staying on a luxury yacht visitng islands and tropical resorts where each day is tailored to your desires. Each day brings a different view of paradise as you sail on a private yacht to a new and delightful tropical haven.You and your crew will create meals and snacks. Your ocean view table is always the best in the house!

    Your choice of activities include:

  • Sailing

  • Snorkeling

  • Scuba Diving

  • Kayaking

  • Water-skiing

  • Fishing

  • Beachcombing

  • Island Exploration

  • Shopping

  • Rock Climbing at the Baths

  • Beach Volleyball

    Simply relaxing in a Hammock with a cocktail and a good book!

    Your vacation also includes: Transfers, a local captain, all meals and snacks on board, four parties ashore, and welcome gifts. The boat kitty ( docking and mooring fees, fuel, water, and ice) are included .

    Extra costs will be: Your air-fare, Tortola Departure Tax ($5.00) alcoholic beverages on board, meals or drinks ashore, a gratuity for your crew.

    I don't know how to sail... Can this trip be for me?

    Black Boaters and Friends does not produce true sailing vacations where you loose sight of land. We specialize in introducing folks to sailing. We spend two or three hours getting to different islands, then it's off the boats and onto the beach and it's party and relaxation time. The yachts also serve as our floating resort hotel room. Each yacht has a captain. All you have to do is help cook and/or clean. You can also help sail the boat and get a sense of whether this is something you would like to learn to do.

    What was that you said about cooking?

    Our adventure vacation is called bareboating where you help cook, clean, and help sail the boat. It's part of your vacation experience. How much work is there putting out cereal, milk and fruit anyway? However, for just a few more bucks, you can get a fully crewed yacht for the true diva. The yacht comes with a gourmet chef, open bar and lots of service. No one has yet taken our crewed yacht offer.

    I don't swim. What about that?

    My advice is not to jump in water over your head and you'll be all right. We are on big yachts. They don't tip over! Your only responsibility is to exercise reason when drinking and practice safety to stay on the boat!

    Sea Sickness. I know I'll get sea sick won't I?

    Probably not. Maybe one out of 300 do for maybe an hour. We are island hopping on big catamarans with two hulls. They are very stable and don't roll. We also cruise in flat protected waters. 85-90% of our first time boaters return. They would not do that if they got sea sick each time they returned. This is island hopping done right. But to be on the safe side, you can get pills/a patch from your doctor before you go to prevent any sea sickness.

    I'm a nice person but I don't have anyone to come with.

    That's ok. Most traveling African Americans are vacationing single. And brothas are the most difficult to get off the couch. We work very hard to get them on the road. Post your need for a roommate in our forum. You will definitely find one. You are not alone. By the way, if you're in the market for a spouse, we've have several couples meet & marry during BBF. You never know.

    Where the heck are the British Virgin Islands anyway? And how do I get there?

    The United States and British Virgin Islands are located 3 hours flying time south of Miami and sixty miles east of Puerto Rico. Our guests come from all over the U.S. We fly to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands then take a ferry from there to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. BRING YOUR PASSPORT . NO PASSPORT. NO GO!

    Why haven't I heard about this vacation before? And what's the down side?

    Ok. You're telling me:

    I don't need to know how to sail or swim

    There will be lots of singles there

    There is not much work to do on the yacht

    We have a party every night, and

    People even find life mates!

    If all that is true, then why haven't I heard about this vacation before? And what's the down side?

    Good questions and I have lots of serious answers.

    First, most people learn about sailing from a friend. Someone has to take you out sailing on a sunny day. That doesn't happen often enough that is why we started Black Boaters and Friends. Secondly, the sailing industry ignores us as a potential market, hence Black Boaters and Friends. And lastly, this is not your typical "Let's go to Las Vegas" or "Mega-cruise ship" vacation. The biggest downside to Black Boaters and Friends is that you'll get hooked on boats, start taking sailing lessons, buy a boat, put your kids out, sell your house and go cruising.

    What about clothes? How much and what?

    Keep in mind we spend 99% of our time barefoot in swimwear and shorts so Pack Light! - We're Island Hopping! But you will also need a white outfit for the White Party. Pack it in something watertight.

    Will I share a cabin?

    Yes, and in each cabin there is one queen or king size bed.

    People meet online and bond, OR FOR A LITTLE MORE YOU CAN HAVE A CABIN ALONE.

    Can I come early and stay after?

    Yes you can. In past years, some have arrived three days early and started their vacation on the beach. We will publish a list of things to do. You can also stay a few days over at the Westin St. John at the end of the trip if you are not ready to go home.

    How many are there on each yacht?

    You will sail with between eight and ten including the captain and first mate.

    Will we be ever be out of sight of land?

    Never! The islands are all two or three miles from eachother or less. Check out a map of the Virgin Islands.

    How much spending cash will I need?

    $300 in spending cash will be enough. It all depends on what you spend on rum and shopping. St Thomas is known for the best prices for high quality jewelry. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, and the BVI uses U.S. greenbacks.

    How do I know if this vacation is right for me?

    Well, call me and I'll tell you its fun for singles, couples, families, kids and even teens who don't like anything. Our most senior person is seventy-six years on the planet. And another one of our guests brought his whole family: mom, dad, wife, two kids (nine and five), his best friend, his wife and a two year old. They all had a great time.

    Check out our island hopping itinerary. Ask questions in our forum (They'll tell you the Real Deal ). Then decide. And if you find when you're there that you're not having the best time of your life, drink more rum! See you in the BVI.

    Who will be my Captain?

    We hire local professional Captains. But if you are a Captain, we will provide the boat and you can fill your boat with your friends and family. We welcome all certified Captains.

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