Aventura Latin Dance Cruises

Aventura Latin Dance Cruises


Cruise Dates:November 8, 2024 - November 11, 20243


Welcome to the Gilberto Santa Rosa “Autentico” Cruise!

A weekend full of Latin music, dancing, dance lessons, 2 intimate live concerts, Q&A session with Gilberto, social dancing, epic parties, and so much more!

  • November 8-11th
  • Miami to Nassau, Bahamas
  • Over Veteran’s Day Weekend!

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    World's Largest Latin Dance Cruise!

  • Meet New People
  • Day/Night Dance Parties
  • Take World Class Workshops
  • Watch World Class Shows
  • Salsa,
  • Bachata
  • Cha Cha
  • Zouk
  • Kizomba
  • Reggaeton
  • Hip Hop,
  • Merengue & more!

    * Meet New People * Day/Night Dance Parties * Take World Class Workshops * Watch World Class Shows

    World Class Dance Performances, 2400 Sexy People, Over 100 artists, 70+ Hours of Social Dancing, 60+ Dance Workshops, A Huge & Crazy ADC Beach Party, A Massive Cruise Ship and YOU!

    What started as a small group of friends going on a cruise has erupted in to the world's largest fully charted Latin dance cruise experience.

    The ADC is geared towards those who love Latin dance, its music, its culture, and who live by the mantra to 'Work Hard and Dance Even Harder'.

    Join the world's best Latin dancers on massive amenity jammed cruise ship as we sail to exotic destinations. Enthusiasts come from all over the world for this unique experience, transformed, and end up even more passionate about dancing than before.

    ADC is a social dance network, open for everyone, connecting people sharing the mutual love for dancing. So sign up NOW and join the adventure!

    What Exactly Is The Latin Dance Cruise?


    over a dozen dance parties, blow your mind! Our talented lighting, sound, video, and scene designers join forces to transform our outdoor decks into jaw-dropping, fantastical extravaganzas. Because we know there’s nothing like dancing under the moonlight in the middle of the ocean as we sail through the night. So what’s it like? That one’s easy… it’s crazy, fun, and with a completely relaxed vibe…

    Almost unexplainable! Some of our theme nights are legendary experiences designed to let your imagination run wild. You’ll always fit in, there’s never any pressure to dress up in outlandish outfits and you don’t even need to step on the dance floor to fully experience it all. Sometimes it’s just as much fun to watch the mesmerizing lights and lasers from the balcony with a few friends. And when you’ve had enough, your room is never more than an elevator button away.


    ADC is excited to announce that it will be producing, for the first time ever, the Gilberto Santa Rosa “Auténtico” Cruise!

    That’s right, this special, exclusive event promises to literally be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary career and remarkable musical achievements of the legendary Gilberto Santa Rosa with the artist himself.

    This weekend cruise will include 2 unique live concerts, a special Q&A session with the artist and so much more. And, while this is not your typical “ADC cruise”, ADC and its staff will produce this event and will bring to you the best Latin entertainment to help celebrate Gilberto Santa Rosa’s amazing musical journey.

    The cruise will also feature non-stop dancing to music played by the best Latin DJs in the world, and our own ADC MCs will be aboard to host several events, games, tournaments, theme parties, private parties and so much more!

    Join us to help celebrate Gilberto’s amazing musical career, and enjoy the best Latin music that we’ve all loved for many years.

    The usual ADC cruises may be over, but in 2024 the ADC family will reunite once again, with other Gilberto Santa Rosa fans for another memorable weekend full of music, dancing, live performances and so much more! Book now tickets are expected to sell out quickly for this extraordinary event. ATENCIÓN A TODOS LOS FANÁTICOS DE LA MÚSICA LATINA!

    ADC está muy emocionado de anunciar que vamos a producir, por primera vez, el Crucero de Gilberto Santa Rosa: “Auténtico”. Este único y especial evento promete ser una oportunidad de una vez en la vida, para celebrar la carrera legendaria y extraordinaria de Gilberto Santa Rosa.

    Este grandioso fin de semana incluirá 2 conciertos muy especiales, un forum de preguntas y respuestas con el artista y mucho mas! Este no será el acostumbradocrucero “ADC”, en esta ocasión el staff de ADC estáencargado de la producción completa y los asistentes pueden estar seguros que organizarán el mejor entretenimiento latino para celebrar la gran carrera de Gilberto Santa Rosa!

    El crucero tendrá musica sin parar con los mejores DJ’s del mundo latino. Nuestros MC’s estarán como siempre animando las fiestas, competencias, juegos, y mucho mas!

    Únete a nosotros en este espectacular evento y ven a celebrar la música que tanto amamos.

    * Noviembre 8-11, 2024

    * Miami a Nassau, Bahamas * Fin de semana largo (Día de Veteranos) Reserva ahora y únete para que juntos celebremos a Gilberto Santa Rosa y la musica latina!

    Reserva ya! Los tickets para este evento único se agotarán pronto!

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