Mr. Smooth Cruise

Mr. Smooth Cruise

The Mr. Smooth Cruise 2022

Date: April 23 - May 1, 2022

(800) 466-2719

Where: Aruba | Bonaire | Grand Turk


Mr. Smooth’s Vision is to become the premier club style ballroom dance of choice in Metropolitan Detroit, the major media/metro markets in United States, and the world.

Mr. Smooth is on the move on the international club style ballroom scene. Originally from Inkster, Michigan he teaches international club style ballroom dancing, a very popular style of partner dancing seen at many dance functions and clubs throughout the Great Lakes states in the Midwest. It is an eclectic mix, fusion, and hybrid of dance elements borrowed from other popular dances... Cha, Cha, Argentine Tango, Salsa, etc.

He teaches his particular form of it along with Graystone, Bop, and many popular hustle line dances in the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area. He is internationally known for the grace, fluidity and precision on the dance floor. It is a sheer pleasure to watch and experience. It is no wonder so many have dawned and labeled a name for him … “Mr. Smooth.”


Everyone should be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to sailing. Proof of vaccination must be presented at the pier prior to embarkation.

  • Saturday, April 23rd — Port Canaveral (Orlando) Embarkation

  • Sunday, April 24th — Smooth Day at Sea Formal Night (with Touch of red)

  • Monday, April 25th — Smooth Day at Sea Smooth T-Shirt Day

  • Tuesday, April 26th — Aruba Resort Casual

  • Wednesday, April 27th — Bonaire White Night Deck Party

  • Thursday, April 28th — Smooth Day at Sea Resort Casual

  • Friday, April 29th — Grand Turk Resort Casual

  • Saturday, April 30th — Smooth Day at Sea Resort Casual

  • Sunday, May 1st — Port Canaveral (Orlando) Debarkation

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