The Jazz Cruise

The Jazz Cruise

The Jazz Cruise 2024

Dates: January 18-25, 2024

Ports Of Call: Miami - Labadee - Puerto Plata- St Thomas



THE GREATEST STRAIGHT-AHEAD JAZZ FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD! The Jazz Cruise '24 is a Constellation of Stars. There are more top jazz musicians on this cruise than any other jazz event, festival or concert in the world. More music, more variety and more stars than ever before!



For nearly 20 years, The Jazz Cruise has presented the very best in straight ahead jazz. With over 200 hours of music, 100 jazz musicians and a legion of loyal guests from all over the world, The Jazz Cruise is now one of the most important jazz events of the year.

What happens when you bring together the largest group of talented jazz artist ever and place them on a special cruise line just for you. You get the one and only Jazz Cruise. On The Jazz Cruise 2024 every single night you will be entertained by some of the best known names in Jazz Music.

In addition to watching these talented artists, they will also host an array of events for you to join in on; every single day there will be unique events and special seminars, in an informal get-to-know-you-better setting – What better way to meet and become friends with the very musical masters you idolize.

Since 2001, The Jazz Cruise has presented the very best straight-ahead jazz in the world. With nearly 100 jazz musicians on the ship, 2020 is no exception.

For 25 hours, the sounds, tastes and excitement of New Orleans will be ours for the taking, featuring special events, concerts, restaurant offerings and!


When in port, lectures and other events are planned for the early part of the day and the music typically starts around 4 pm. When “at sea”, there are events and music all day. Daytime music shows may be presented in any of the music venues (Celebrity Theatre, Rendezvous Lounge or Sky Lounge). Special shows may also be seen and heard in The Cosmopolitan Restaurant, the main dining room of the ship, which converts brilliantly into a cabaret-style music venue. Some of the most revered shows on the cruise (The Jazz Cruise T-Shirt Party, Wycliffe Gordon’s Gospel Show and Keyboard Capers) are performed during the daytime hours.


On two nights of the Cruise (the 1st Night and Formal Night), special shows (“The Jazz Cruise Welcome Show” and “The Jazz Cruise Hall of Fame Show”) are presented in the Celebrity Theatre. Each such show will be performed twice, with half of the guests attending the 1st Show and the other half attending the 2nd Show. Which show you attend is determined when you complete your Reservation and is reflected in the color of your Cruise Identification Card (BLUE or RED). On all other nights, the Celebrity Theatre hosts large group presentations and special shows that require greater seating capacity. For these shows, the “Festival Style” open entry and seating procedures are in effect with the same regulations as those in any other venue.


The Jazz Cruise is renowned for providing guests with special late-night entertainment called “It’s Never Too Late for Jazz.” Starting around 10:30PM, Throughout the entire ship, there will be more music, parties, autograph sessions, comedy, dancing and much more. Besides concerts in the Celebrity Theatre and Sky Lounge, The Cosmopolitan Restaurant becomes a lovely late-night, cabaret-style venue which we call “Birdland at The Cosmopolitan.” The first show there every night features one of the vocalists on the Cruise. The Rendezvous Lounge hosts a special solo piano event each night.


Another specialty of The Jazz Cruise is our series of “Learn” events, which include one-on-one musician interviews, panel discussions, instrument seminars and tutorials, and presentations of special topics for our music lovers. Though music is the main event on the ship, “Learn” events may also include cooking demonstrations, wine or whiskey tastings, and more. There's always something for everyone.


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